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Urgent Action: Awa territory is on fire


“What will we do with no forest and food? The fire is destroying our trees.”

Wildfires are raging across the Brazilian Amazon and threatening to engulf the uncontacted Awá. The map above shows flames have spread right across Awá territory (TI Awá), where some of the last uncontacted Awá are living on the run. Some Awá are bravely trying to fight the flames themselves, putting their lives on the line to save the forest. Of course, their efforts can’t match the extent of the blaze.

A two-year Survival campaign saved the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe, when we forced Brazil to evict invaders from their land. But now illegal loggers are deliberately starting fires to demonstrate their power and purge the forest of its indigenous guardians.

Government can well afford to stop the fires but, for the Awá, there isn’t the political will. The authorities aren’t doing enough to stop Awá land burning.

We’re furiously lobbying Brazil behind the scenes. It has a duty to protect its indigenous citizens in an emergency like this.

We also need your emails to increase the pressure. Let’s show Brazil the world is watching. We haven’t forgotten the Awá, or abandoned the fight to protect their land.

Please email President Temer now.

Emails sent: Help us reach 10,000!

To: President Temer

Target email addresses: sg@planalto.gov.br secom.gabinete@planalto.gov.br

CC email addresses: gabinete.gov@governadoria.ma.gov.br presid.sede@ibama.gov.br


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