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Uncontacted Indians face imminent “tragedy”. Protect uncontacted tribes’ land now

Uncontacted Indians in Brazil seen from the air during a Brazilian government expedition in 2010. The photos reveal a thriving, healthy community with baskets full of manioc and papaya fresh from their gardens.
© G. Miranda/FUNAI/Survival

Highly vulnerable uncontacted Indians are emerging from the forest on the Peru-Brazil border and making first contact with settled indigenous communities, fleeing from illegal logging. Uncontacted tribes in this region face imminent tragedy and death, according to experts.

Contact could be disastrous for the Indians, as they lack immunity to common diseases spread by outsiders. They are some of the most vulnerable people on the planet and they depend entirely on their land for their survival.

Please write to the Peruvian and Brazilian governments urging them to immediately implement measures to ensure the Indians’ lands and lives are protected.

Emails sent: Help us reach 50,000!

To: The Presidents of Peru and Brazil

Target email addresses: sg@planalto.gov.br secretariageneral@presidencia.gob.pe pbalbuena@cultura.gob.pe


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