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Please help us protest against the illegal eviction of tribal people from tiger reserves across India.

Evicting tribal people is not the answer to saving tigers from extinction.

Many Indian tribes revere the tiger as a god. They have nurtured and protected their forests for centuries, allowing the tigers to survive.

Despite this, the authorities are evicting thousands of tribal people from their lands. At the same time, they allow hundreds of thousands of tourists to enter.

These evictions are illegal. They destroy lives. And they won’t save the tiger.

As one Soliga activist warned, “If you remove us, the tigers will disappear.”

Conservation organizations, such as the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), are guilty of supporting evictions, both directly and indirectly. WCS India has led the call for the relocation of tribal people from tiger reserves.

Please help us stop these evictions by sending this message to India’s Ministers of Environments and Forests and Tribal Affairs and the heads of WCS and WWF.