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The Guajajara Guardians need your help!

Guajajara Guardians in the north-eastern Brazilian Amazon
Guajajara Guardians in the north-eastern Brazilian Amazon
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Guajajara Indians in the Brazilian Amazon need your help to save their uncontacted Awá neighbors.

The Awá of Arariboia territory live on an island of green amidst a sea of deforestation. Illegal loggers are approaching fast and their government is doing far from enough to stop them.

So the “Guajajara Guardians” have taken matters into their own hands to help the Awá. They patrol the forest, detect logging hotspots and crack down on invasions.

Their work is dangerous – the Guardians constantly receive death threats from the powerful logging mafia and several Guardians have been assassinated. But they continue courageously as they know that the Awá, like all uncontacted peoples, face catastrophe unless their land is protected.

They urgently need help from the Brazilian authorities: resources for their expeditions and support from government agents who can arrest the loggers and keep them out.

Kaw Guajajara, coordinator of the Guardians, said: “The Awá face genocide. Nobody has the right to take their land from them. Please help us protect it!”

Please stand by the Guardians and email the Brazilian authorities now!

Emails sent: Help us reach 15,000!

To: Minister Torquato Jardim and Sra Suely Mara Vaz Guimarães de Araújo

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