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Give the Kawahiva a future


In the Brazilian Amazon, the uncontacted Kawahiva Indians teeter on the brink of extinction. For years Survival has been pressing for their land to be recognized, but now loggers are invading.

The tribe is forced to live on the run, fleeing violence from outsiders. Attacks and disease have killed their relatives.

The loggers are getting closer.

These are the Last of the Kawahiva. And their genocide will be complete unless their land is protected.

You can help us secure it for them: Together, we can give the Kawahiva a future.

Please email the President of FUNAI now.

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To: Mr. Marcelo Augusto Xavier

Target email addresses:[email protected]

Dear Mr. Marcelo Augusto Xavier

I urge you to ensure that FUNAI carries out the demarcation of the Rio Pardo territory as soon as possible as the Kawahiva are one of the most vulnerable peoples on the planet. For the past three decades they have been living on the run from armed loggers and ranchers who are invading and destroying the forest on which they rely entirely, and have suffered many genocidal attacks at the hands of the invaders.

Please ensure that FUNAI's team on the ground has sufficient funds and personnel to demarcate the territory now and to ensure that it is protected from invasions in accordance with Brazil's constitution.

Yours sincerely,