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Save the Ayoreo’s Last Forest

Ayoreo woman

Ayoreo woman
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Ranching companies are rapidly destroying the last of the Paraguayan Ayoreo’s land. Many have been forced out of their forest where they are suffering from a number of diseases to which they have no immunity.

Some members of the tribe are uncontacted. They spend their lives on the run, fleeing the bulldozers and the fires that are destroying their ever shrinking island of forest.

For over twenty-five years, Survival has campaigned for the Ayoreo’s land claim, and a part of the land has been protected.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has spoken out too. It ordered Paraguay to protect the Ayoreo by stopping deforestation. The Ayoreo now need their supporters to pile on extra pressure.

Help us lobby the government of Paraguay, and give the last uncontacted Paraguayan tribe the chance to determine their own future.

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To: Mr. Edgar Gustavo Olmedo Silva

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Dear Mr. Edgar Gustavo Olmedo Silva

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has ordered the Paraguayan government to protect the Ayoreo.

Ranching companies are destroying the Ayoreo's land and it is imperative that any environmental licences be revoked immediately.

The only way to stop the deforestation is to transfer the land back to its indigenous owners. Failure to do so violates both Paraguayan and International law.

Please act now to protect the Ayoreo's land.

Yours sincerely,