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Outraged about WWF-funded guards raping pregnant women and torturing indigenous people as revealed by Buzzfeed?

You can stop the same atrocities happening by campaigning against WWF’s latest project.

WWF is trying to create a brand new park in the Congo. It’s called Messok Dja and it’s destroying Congo’s Baka tribe.

The Baka fear for their future.

They are about to see the forests they’ve lived in and protected for generations stolen from them. It’s a land grab, driven by Western organizations, just like colonial times. If it goes ahead, their lives will be destroyed.

They’re being evicted to make way for the creation of a new park in the Congo Basin, Messok Dja. It’s backed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). And it’s completely illegal.

It’s time to decolonize conservation.

Despite what WWF may say, the Baka have not agreed to this project. How could they? For years, WWF-funded park rangers have been entering the Baka’s forest and beating and torturing any tribal people they find there.

One Baka man told us, “If they see us, they just beat us with machetes. Bam, bam, bam on your body.” People that already live in fear of persecution and violence are in no position to give their consent.

We need to stop the creation of Messok Dja – for the Baka, and for nature.

Colonial conservation is destined to fail, just as colonialism did. When local people have their land stolen and their livelihoods criminalized by conservation, they turn against national parks.

Please email the Director General of WWF and ask for the organization to stop supporting the creation of Messok Dja.

We need to act now if we are going to stop this park in time.

Emails sent: : 8,786
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