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Stop Peru’s mercury poisoning crisis

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Up to 80% of the recently contacted Nahua tribe have been poisoned with mercury.

The Peruvian government has known about the contamination since 2014 but has done little to address the problem.

The source of the mercury has not been located and so the contamination continues.

Despite calling a State of Health Emergency, the measures to be taken will do little to stop the poisoning.

Please call on the government to take action. Email the Minister of Health now.

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To: Minister García Funegra

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Dear Minister,

I am extremely concerned about the mercury poisoning crisis facing the Nahua.

Despite calling a State of Health Emergency, the measures being enacted are inadequate.

Most importantly, there is no mention of locating the source of the mercury. It is only by putting an end to the source that the contamination can be stopped.

Furthermore, other communities in the region may also be affected and it is imperative that they receive the same medical attention.

Please act now to stop this crisis.

Yours sincerely,