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News from the Bushmen

Judges allow Wildlife Director to testify

The Bushmen court case continued yesterday with the judges ruling that Joseph Matlhare, former Director of Wildlife, should proceed with his evidence.

Government witness contradicts himself

In re-examination yesterday, the Assistant Director of Wildlife, Jan Broekhuis, claimed he had 'no reason to believe' that figures in a graph he had drawn were unreliable.

Witness exposes government

Cross-examination of a key witness in the court battle between the Kalahari Bushmen and the Botswana government has exposed the government's given reasons for the evictions as false.

Government’s reason for evicting Bushmen shown to be false

The Assistant Director in charge of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Jan Broekhuis, has admitted in court that he ignored a 2001 Bushmen proposal which would have maintained the Bushmen's water supply at zero cost to the government.

Wildlife official quizzed over Reserve’s management plan

Cross-examined by the Bushmen's legal team, the civil servant responsible for wildlife parks admitted being mistaken in his assumption that the Cabinet had to approve the management plan for the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Government lawyer threatens ‘CKGR tour’

Sidney Pilane, the government's principal lawyer in the Bushmen relocation court case, today threatened to submit an application for the court to tour the Central Kalahari Game Reserve again.

Kalahari ecologist: Bushmen live better in reserve

Kalahari ecologist Arthur Albertson told Botswana's high court this week that the Gana and Gwi Bushmen's lives were better in the Central Kalahari where they could hunt and gather than in the government eviction camps.