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When uncontacted tribes' rights are respected, they continue to thrive.
When uncontacted tribes' rights are respected, they continue to thrive.
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Uncontacted tribes are the most vulnerable peoples on the planet. They have made a choice to remain isolated. This is their right and it must be respected.

But outsiders are encroaching on their lands and forcing contact. Whole populations are being wiped out by genocidal violence, and by diseases like flu and measles to which they have no resistance.

Join the global call for governments to protect uncontacted tribes’ lands and prevent forced contact. Only when tribal peoples’ rights are respected can they determine their own futures.

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Uncontacted tribes are not backward and primitive relics of a remote past. They are our contemporaries and a vitally important part of humankind’s diversity:

  • Their lands must be protected – otherwise they face catastrophe.

  • Initiating contact must be their choice alone. Attempts by outsiders to contact them are fatal and deny them that choice.


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