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Press releases by e-mail

You can sign up to receive press releases by email as they are published. You can also get email updates from Survival - all the latest news from the field and campaign actions.


What are Survival press releases?

Survival International press releases are integral to Survival's campaigning work. Press releases help to bring the annihilation of tribal peoples to global attention, and to new audiences who might not be aware of this urgent and horrific humanitarian crisis. Media coverage puts pressure on governments, multinationals and big conservation organizations, and helps us hold them to account.

Our mission is to give tribal peoples a platform to speak to the world, so we try to include relevant quotes from tribal people where possible.

Our press releases are intended primarily for journalists, editors, publishers and writers in relevant fields. However, anyone with an interest in our work is warmly invited to sign up to receive them!

How frequently does Survival issue press releases?

An average of one a week, but this can vary depending on events. We are fast-moving and responsive to developments as they happen.

What are Survival press releases about?

Our press releases cover the issues we believe are most important and urgent for tribal peoples. They may be breaking news updates from the field, information on Survival activities, important new information that we have uncovered, or our take on a trending news topic.

Where does Survival get the information in its press releases from?

Very often from tribal peoples themselves. We are regularly in contact with tribal people, as well as with other experts, including researchers, activists, academics and investigative journalists. We conduct our own specialist research and verify the information we share to ensure it’s trustworthy and credible. Above all, we act with total integrity in campaigning, establishing the facts, uncovering the issues and presenting them to the world.