Write a letter for the Bushmen

1. Write your letter, then 2. Complete it and 3. Mail it

How you can help

Please feel free to use the following letter as a guide or write one of your own:

H.E. President Ian Khama
Office of the President
Private Bag 001

October 09, 2015

Your Excellency

Will my letter make a difference?
Yes. Time and again, letters from Survival supporters have called governments and organisations to account. Policies have changed and lives have been saved.

Should I post, fax or email?
The most powerful way is to print and post your letter. We will email you a ready-to-print PDF of your letter, together with postage information.

We sometimes also publish email addresses or fax numbers where there is a realistic chance of these being read. However, email addresses change and fax machines get unplugged. If you can, please post your letter.