Colombian singer Juanes stands up for tribal peoples 15 September 2011

"Juanes models the t-shirt designed by artist Richard Long for Survival. "
"Juanes models the t-shirt designed by artist Richard Long for Survival. "
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The international music star Juanes has modeled one of the t-shirts in Survival International’s latest catalogue.  The musician, who has sold over 14 million albums worldwide, and is known for his human rights activism, has modeled Survival’s latest t-shirt, designed by the famous British artist Richard Long. 

Survival’s catalogue offers a collection of quality items, including a limited edition t-shirt created exclusively for Survival by designer Savannah Miller.  Survival’s catalogue also includes Christmas cards designed by children’s illustrator and Survival ambassador Quentin Blake, as well as the book We Are One: A celebration of tribal people

All profits from the sale of merchandise will go towards Survival’s work for threatened tribal peoples.  

Juanes has said, “By protecting tribal peoples, we are respecting our past, present and future”. Purchasing Survival’s merchandise is an easy way of contributing to the adoption of the values of respect and recognition of tribal peoples by an increasing number of people worldwide.    


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