Background briefing

Perupetro - Peruvian national oil firm

Perupetro contracts oil and gas companies to work in Peru. To date, 72% of the Peruvian Amazon has been opened up to companies.

Some of these regions are home to vulnerable uncontacted tribes.

A loophole in Peruvian law explicitly allows companies to work on their land.

Perupetro has made its position regarding uncontacted indians clear. In an interview on Peruvian TV the chairman, Daniel Saba, said the existence of such tribes is an ‘absurd’ idea.

Another Perupetro spokesperson compared them to the Loch Ness monster, saying ‘Everyone seems to have seen or heard about uncontacted peoples, but there is no evidence.’

Perupetro has already signed contracts with companies like Petrobras, Pluspetrol, Perenco, Repsol-YPF and Petrolifera to work in uncontacted tribes’ territories.