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Write directly to politicians and CEOs in support of tribal peoples.

Green Genocide: “This is not conservation, it's destruction”

Indigenous people across Africa are being beaten, tortured, raped and killed by rangers who are funded and equipped by conservation organizations like WWF and African Parks.

The Shompen need your support!

The Shompen are one of the most isolated tribes on Earth. They live on Great Nicobar Island in India. They're now at risk of being totally wiped out by a “mega-development” plan of the Indian government to transform their small island home into the “Hong Kong of India.”

Help stop an uncontacted tribe being wiped out to produce electric car batteries

Rainforest inhabited by hundreds of uncontacted Hongana Manyawa people has been targeted for highly destructive mining, which will devastate the forest – and the people. Hugely powerful companies are involved. The Hongana Manyawa desperately need your support if they’re to survive.

Stop the genocide of the uncontacted Kawahiva

In the Brazilian Amazon, the uncontacted Kawahiva Indigenous people are fighting for their survival. Invasions force the tribe to live on the run, fleeing violence from loggers and ranchers. Attacks and disease have killed their relatives. These are the Last of the Kawahiva, and their genocide will be complete unless their land is protected.

A massive attack on Indigenous lands is taking place right now

Please act now to ensure that carbon offset schemes don't take place on Indigenous lands where human rights violations have occurred.

An appeal from the Yanomami

Thousands of illegal goldminers are destroying the land of the Yanomami in the northern Amazon. Please email Brazil's government now urging them to protect Yanomami lands.

Save the Ayoreo's Last Forest

The last uncontacted tribe in South America outside the Amazon is holding out in an ever shrinking island of forest. Please email the Paraguay government, urging them to act now.

Guarani leaders are being killed. Help us stop this!

Please demand that the government map out Guarani land immediately. International pressure really does make a difference.

The Nukak want to return to their land and need your support!

The hunter-gatherer Nukak in Colombia have been driven out of their rainforest home. Please take action so they can safely return to their land.

Don't evict the kings of the forest

Since their home became a tiger reserve, the Jenu Kuruba, have faced illegal evictions and abuse at the hands of forest guards. Please support them.

The Guardians of the Amazon need your help!

The Guardians of the Amazon are a group of inspiring Indigenous people in Brazil putting their lives on the line to save the Amazon. Please email the authorities and urge them to help the Guardians.

Peru’s Uncontacted Tribes can’t wait any longer!

The Peruvian government has still not signed into law several Indigenous territories which uncontacted and recently-contacted tribes depend on for their survival. Please act now.

Save Hasdeo Forest

India’s Adivasi (Indigenous) communities are resisting a plan to destroy vast areas of their forests for coal mines. They desperately need outside support.

Help stop #FactorySchools in India

One million tribal children in India are “educated” in Factory Schools – schools that “reprogram” tribal and indigenous children to fit the dominant society. Please act so that Indigenous peoples’ education is in their control.

Stop the assault on the rights of tribal peoples in India

India’s Adivasi (Indigenous) peoples are under siege. Please email the Indigan government now and urge them to do all they can to uphold Adivasi rights.

Write to the FSC: their certified timber is threatening the lives of uncontacted Mashco Piro

The Peruvian rainforest near the border with Brazil is home to the largest uncontacted tribe in the world: the Mashco-Piro. But their territory is now under threat as never before.