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You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference. All you need is time, energy and enthusiasm!



Survival accepts no money from any national government, so our work relies on supporters just like you. Please give whatever you can; no amount is too small.

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Tribal peoples do not just die out. They’re killed —and the people killing them have names and addresses.

Your letters and petitions help tribal peoples win recognition of their land rights, put an end to logging or mining on their land, and halt government violence and oppression.

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Uncontacted tribes

They face catastrophe unless their land is protected...

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Tribal conservationists

Big conservation organizations are partnering with industry and tourism and destroying the environment’s best allies...

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Land theft

Colonialism is far from over. Tribal peoples' lands are still being invaded all over the world. It's destroying them.

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Tribal peoples are portrayed as backward and primitive simply because their communal ways are different.

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Forced development

Industrialized societies steal tribal lands, resources and labor in the name of "progress” and “development."

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Tell the world

(or just your friends)

Telling your friends and followers about Survival will help grow the groundswell of public opinion which is making it harder for governments and companies to destroy tribal peoples.

In the long run, this is the only effective force for change.