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Enawene Nawe boy with his pet macaw, Brazil.
Enawene Nawe boy with his pet macaw, Brazil.
© Fiona Watson/Survival

The Enawene Nawe live in an area of savannah and tropical rainforest in Mato Grosso state, western Brazil. Although most of their land was officially reconised in 1996, a crucial area called the Rio Preto, where the Indians gather each year to trap and smoke fish, was left out.

The area is being heavily invaded by ranchers, and in a further blow the Mato Grosso state government has announced it will build a vast complex of hydroelectric dams upriver of the Enawene Nawe’s land.

How you can help

Please write to the Brazilian government using the text below or your own words.

Exmo. Ministro Torquato Jardim
Minister of Justice
Ministério de Justiçia
Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco T
70064-900, Brasilia DF

September 17, 2021

Dear Minister Jardim

Will my letter make a difference?
Yes. Time and again, letters from Survival supporters have called governments and organisations to account. Policies have changed and lives have been saved.

Post or email?
We always provide an email address where we can get one, and where we think a message will get through. Sometimes we provide a postal address too. Posting a letter is always the most effective way of making your views known, by far. If you can, please post a letter.