Write a letter for for the Sierra Nevada Indians

1. Write your letter, then 2. Complete it and 3. Mail it

The Sierra Nevada Indians have suffered countless abuses against their lands and lives during Colombia’s 50-year internal conflict.

Their land has been repeatedly targeted by left-wing guerillas, right-wing paramilitaries, and the Colombian army, forcing the Indians into the crossfire.

How you can help

Please write now to the Colombian government urging it to end the violence being waged on the Indians’ land and ensure their rights are protected.

You can use this sample text or write your own:

His Excellency Iván Duque
President of the Republic
Carrera 8 n. 7-26
Palacio de Nariño,
Santa Fe de Bogotá

September 21, 2021

Your Excellency

Will my letter make a difference?
Yes. Time and again, letters from Survival supporters have called governments and organisations to account. Policies have changed and lives have been saved.

Post or email?
We always provide an email address where we can get one, and where we think a message will get through. Sometimes we provide a postal address too. Posting a letter is always the most effective way of making your views known, by far. If you can, please post a letter.