The Encounter

A still from The Encounter by Simon McBurney © Robbie Jack

The Encounter is an immersive performance by Complicité, directed and performed by Simon McBurney. It tells the story of the photographer Loren McIntyre who gets lost in the Amazon and encounters the Mayoruna people, also known as the Matsés.

YOU MUST WEAR HEADPHONES to experience this show’s ground-breaking binaural sound design (3D audio).

We would like to thank Complicité for inviting us to host this video.

There are more than one hundred uncontacted tribes around the world, the majority in the Amazon. 
They are the most vulnerable peoples on the planet.

Whole tribes are wiped out by violence from outsiders who steal their land and resources
and by diseases like the flu and measles to which they have no resistance.
COVID-19 is the latest threat to their survival.

Survival International is the only organization fighting worldwide
to stop the extermination of uncontacted tribes
Join us now: for tribes, for nature, for all humanity