Corumbiara: They Shoot Indians, Don't They?


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In 1985, reports emerged of a massacre of Indigenous people in the lawless region of Corumbiara, in Rondonia, Brazil. The investigation, recorded by film-maker Vincent Carelli, uncovered evidence of a series of genocides of Indigenous peoples in the area – and a few survivors.

This award-winning film features the first footage of one of those survivors – the man known as The Man of the Hole, who was the last survivor of his people. He died, alone, in 2022, and Survival is showing the film in tribute to him, and by kind permission of Vincent Carelli/

2009 | 117min Directed by Vincent Carelli.

For more information on Carelli's long-running project to promote Indigenous film-making:

WARNING: Contains brief scene of body piercing, and some outdated language.


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