Shivu, a young leader from the Jenu Kuruba tribe, condemns the celebration of Project Tiger’s 50th anniversary. He explains that, despite worshiping and protecting tigers, trees and streams, many Jenu Kuruba villages have been brutally evicted in the name of 'so-called tiger conservation'. The Jenu Kuruba are facing harassment and threats for protesting against evictions and the racist conservation model which is pushed by organisations like WWF and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). -- Please act now to stop the kings of the forest being evicted and their leaders targeted: -- #TribalVoice is a project by Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples. More than one hundred and fifty million people in over sixty countries live in tribal societies. From the Amazon to the Kalahari, from the jungles of India to the Congo rainforest, Tribal Voice gives them a platform. They experience appalling racism and genocidal violence. Their lands and resources are stolen for profit. Their ways of life are being deliberately and systematically destroyed. Here they speak out about what matters to them; watch, listen, and get involved:

Tribes: the Jenu Kuruba

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