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News from the Bushmen

Bushman witness ‘feared for her life’ during evictions

The first Bushman woman to give evidence during the court case in which 243 Bushmen are suing the government for the right to return to their ancestral land has told the court that she 'feared for her life' when being evicted in 2002.

Kalahari Bushmen journey to Britain

Two Kalahari Bushmen are making a dramatic journey to Britain on an urgent mission to save their people from extinction. The two leaders will be in London from 29 September to 5 October.

Bushmen describe eviction horror in court

Botswana's High Court has heard the first Bushman witnesses in their case against the government tell their harrowing stories of eviction from their ancestral land.

Bushmen start USA tour with Hollywood Amnesty Event

Launching a month-long tour of the USA, two Kalahari Bushmen are to visit Hollywood with Amnesty International. Roy Sesana and Jumanda Gakelebone will attend an event in Beverly Hills on 27 August hosted by singer-songwriter Jackson Browne.

Botswana’s President ‘bribes’ Bushmen – Again!

Botswana's President this week handed out blankets and sweets to Bushmen in a relocation centre. His action comes in the middle of a court case in which the Bushmen are suing his government for the right to return to their ancestral land.