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News from the Enawene Nawe

Dams threaten fishing tribe

The isolated Enawene Nawe tribe has spoken out against a series of dams which could destroy their livelihood.

Landmark trial begins

19 years after the murder of Vicente Canas, the trial of those accused of killing him began today in Cuiabá, capital of Mato Grosso state.

Ranchers threaten Enawene Nawe Indians

Cattle ranchers have threatened Enawene Nawe Indians with reprisals if they attempt to visit the Rio Preto, an area where the Indians build dams to trap fish every year.

Indians denounce destruction of fishing waters

A group of Indians have denounced the destruction of their most important river. The Enawene Nawe tribe are angry that the rainforest bordering the Rio Preto, an abundant source of fish, is being rapidly destroyed by cattle ranchers.

‘Soya is killing us’ says Amazon tribe

As Brazil’s President Lula makes a state visit to the UK this week, one of the Amazon’s most unusual tribes is losing its land to plantations of soya that may be bound for the UK.