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News from the Nukak

Epidemic hits nomadic Amazon tribe

The nomadic Nukak tribe, who fled their jungle homes after being caught up in Colombia’s civil war, have been hit by a flu epidemic.

Nukak return to the forest

The isolated tribe of Amazonian nomads who fled their rainforest home in Colombia as fighting engulfed them are returning to the forest.

Nukak tribe – ‘We are being wiped out’

The reclusive Nukak tribe, who hit headlines worldwide this month after fleeing their forest home, are caught up in a violent civil war between guerrillas and the Colombian army.

Drug wars force forest nomads to flee

150 Indians belonging to one of the last nomadic tribes in the Amazon have been forced to flee their land after becoming caught up in Colombia’s drugs war.

Nukak displaced by armed conflict

Sixty-five Nukak Indians have been displaced by armed conflict on their land between right-wing paramilitary groups, left-wing guerrillas and the Colombian army.

Nukak wounded by grenade blast

Seven nomadic Nukak, one woman and six children, have been wounded by a grenade blast in south-east Colombia.