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News from the Papuan Tribes

West Papuans beaten and charged with subversion

Six West Papuans are to be charged with ‘subversion’ after peacefully raising the banned West Papuan independence symbol, the Morning Star flag. The protest took place in the town of Fakfak, which is 550 miles to the west of the capital, Jayapura.

Doublespeak distorts brutal truth in West Papua

Indonesia’s foreign minister has defended his government’s policy of restricting access by foreign journalists and human rights monitors to the troubled province of Papua.

Shootings and arrests spread fear in West Papua

Thirteen indigenous Papuans were arrested on 13 March in the town of Manokwari, West Papua, for taking part in peaceful demonstrations against the 2007 law banning the display of the Papuan Morning Star flag.

West Papuan lawyer arrested for sending text message

Sabar Iwanggin, a lawyer who defended Papuan students arrested in 2006 after demonstrations against the Indonesian regime, has been arrested and interrogated by Indonesia’s special anti-terrorism police force, Detachment 88.

Police raid and occupy Papuan church headquarters

Indonesian police occupied the headquarters of the Indigenous Kingmi Church in Jayapura, West Papua yesterday. The church has been particularly vocal in speaking out against the terrible human rights violations in the region.

Thousands flee army operation in West Papua

In recent weeks large numbers of Indonesian soldiers, including special forces, have been deployed to the Punkak Jaya region of West Papua, causing an estimated 5,000 tribespeople to flee into the jungle.

New wave of police violence in Papua

Indonesian police have unleashed a new wave of violence against the tribal people of Papua. Survival has received numerous reports of torture, mal-treatment and extra-judicial killings committed by the police this year.