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News from the Penan

Penan mount logging road blockade

Penan communities in Sarawak, Malaysia, have mounted a road blockade against the logging company Interhill in an attempt to stop the destruction of their last remaining rainforests.

Government to investigate sexual abuse claims

The Malaysian government has said it will investigate allegations by members of the Penan tribe of Sarawak that logging company workers are routinely sexually abusing Penan women, including schoolgirls.

Penan women accuse loggers of sexual abuse

Women from the Penan tribe have accused workers from two Malaysian logging companies of harassing and raping Penan women, including schoolgirls.

Government ousts tribal leaders who oppose logging

In an attempt to break resistance by tribal communities to logging, the government of Sarawak, Malaysia, has announced that it will no longer recognise elected leaders in some Penan communities.

Malaria strikes Penan

Reports say that two Penan villages in Sarawak have been struck by malaria, leading to eighteen Penan individuals being flown to hospital.

Secret plans revealed to submerge Penan villages

A secret document accidentally posted on the internet reveals plans to build a series of massive hydroelectric dams in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, submerging the homes of at least a thousand tribal people.

Penan picture archive online

A collection of hundreds of photographs of the Penan tribe of Sarawak is being made available online for the first time.