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News from the Penan

Penan receive death threats

A small community of Penan tribal people in Sarawak, Malaysia, report that an official from the company logging their forests has threatened them with death.

Penan headman found dead, suspected murdered

Penan tribal headman Kelesau Naan of Sarawak, Malaysia, who went missing on 23 October, has been found dead. His relatives suspect he has been murdered due to his resistance to illegal logging on the Penan’s land.

Penan headman missing, feared murdered

A headman from the Penan tribe of Sarawak, Malaysia, has gone missing and his community fear he may have been murdered. Kelesau Naan was last seen on 23 October when he left on a hunting trip.

Stars of BBC ‘Tribe’ show in conflict with logging company

The Malaysian authorities have told timber giant Samling that the company will lose its licence to log on the land of the nomadic Penan, stars of this week’s BBC television show ‘Tribe’, unless it resolves its conflict with the tribe.

Penan defy police with more blockades

Five new blockades have been set up by Penan tribal communities in the Malaysian province of Sarawak in an attempt to stop loggers destroying their forest homes.

Armed police dismantle Penan logging blockade

Malaysian police in Sarawak have for a second time dismantled a blockade set up by members of the Penan tribe to protect their rainforest land from logging by Malaysian company Samling.

Penan rebuild blockade

Members of the Penan tribe have rebuilt their logging blockade, a month after it was dismantled by police and loggers.

Police clear Penan blockade

Members of a nomadic tribe who had been preventing loggers from bulldozing their rainforest home for two years have had their blockade dismantled by Malaysian police.

Tribe holds out against loggers

A small group of nomads on the island of Borneo are continuing to defy loggers targeting their rainforest home.