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News from the Indians of Raposa–Serra do Sol

Dramatic video shows attack on Indian village

An extraordinary video released by the Indigenous Council of Roraima (CIR) and Survival International shows the moment hired gunmen attack a Makuxi Indian village in Brazil.

Removal of illegal invaders suspended

Violence by farmers illegally occupying indigenous land in the Brazilian state of Roraima has led the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) to suspend a police operation to remove them.

Supreme Court blow to Makuxi Indians

In a shocking blow to thousands of Indians, on January 3rd a Supreme Court judge suspended the official demarcation of the Raposa-Serra do Sol Indian territory, just a few days before it was expected to be complete.

Future of tribes lies in the balance

The Brazilian government is delaying ratifying the boundaries of an Indian area, Raposa-Serra do Sol, in north Brazil with disastrous consequences for the 12,000 Indians who have lived there since time immemorial.

Killings of Indians highlight land crisis

'This here is my life, my soul. If you take me away from this land, you take my life.' Marcos Veron, Guarani-Kaiowá leader, killed January 2003.

Good news for Raposa-Serra do Sol

Four tribes in northern Brazil have won a huge victory in the Brazilian courts. For decades the Makuxi, Wapixana, Ingaricó and Taurepang have fought for the full legal recognition of their land, an area known as Raposa-Serra do Sol.