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Survival campaigns

As well as working on specific cases around the world, Survival campaigns on issues which face tribal peoples everywhere.


Decolonize Conservation

It's time to decolonize conservation and put tribal peoples at the forefront of the environmental movement. It's best for tribes, for nature, for all humanity.


Factory Schools

Factory Schools "reprogram" tribal and indigenous children to fit the dominant society. They are part of a deliberate, far-reaching policy by governments to erase indigenous identity and steal tribal lands.


Uncontacted Tribes

Over 100 tribes around the world choose to reject contact with outsiders. They are the most vulnerable peoples on the planet. This is their story.


There you go!

There you go! takes a radical new approach to 'development' and its impact on indigenous peoples, using illustrations and wry humour to deliver its message.


Progress Can Kill

Forcing “development” or “progress” on tribal people does not make them happier or healthier. In fact, the effects are disastrous. The most important factor by far for tribal peoples’ well-being is whether their land rights are respected.


International Law

ILO 169 is the only international law for tribal peoples. It will become the world’s benchmark when more governments agree to it.


Stop the con

The global movement to end the conservation con.


'Brutal savages'

How some writers are pushing the view that tribal people are particularly violent.