Uncontacted tribes

What's next?

All uncontacted tribal peoples face catastrophe unless their land is protected.
We're doing everything we can to secure their land for them, and to give them the chance to determine their own futures.

© G. Miranda/FUNAI/Survival

Survival is a world authority on uncontacted tribes and has been successfully campaigning for their lands to be protected since 1969.

The very existence of uncontacted tribes has been questioned time and time again. This iconic image was once described as a “hoax” and ”fake” by the world’s press. But today, thanks to Survival’s high-profile global campaign, few question the fact that uncontacted tribes exist. Instead, they are increasingly recognized as our contemporaries and a vitally important part of humankind’s diversity.

Survival's campaign objectives are simple: Protect their lands and ensure their right to remain uncontacted is respected. Only then will they, and the environments on which they depend, continue to thrive.


Uncontacted tribes are here today thanks to public support. Please join the movement today and give the world’s most vulnerable peoples a chance to determine their own futures.



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