Uncontacted tribe photographed in Colombian Amazon

April 20, 2012

Previously uncontacted Nukak emerged from the forest in the 1980s after being forced from their land by violent armed groups © Gustavo Pollitis/Survival

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An uncontacted tribe has been photographed from the air in the Colombian Amazon.

The Indians, thought to be members of the Yuri tribe, live in the Rio Pure National Park, created in 2002 for their protection.

A report by conservation organization ACT Colombia states that there is evidence of another three uncontacted tribes in the area.

ACT and the Colombian National Park Service released the photographs to bolster protection for the Indians.

The park lies close to the Brazilian border and has been increasingly invaded by illegal gold-miners and loggers in recent years.

Illegal armed guerrilla groups are also present in the area, placing the lives of the Indians at extreme risk.

Survival is monitoring the situation and has written to the Colombian government urging it to ensure the safety and survival of the uncontacted Indians.

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