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News from the Indians of Raposa–Serra do Sol

Farmers leave Indian land

After years of conflict and tension, rice farmers are finally leaving the indigenous territory known as Raposa-Serra do Sol (the Land of the Fox and Mountain of the Sun) in northern Brazil.

Indians rejoice as Supreme Court affirms land rights

Indians across Brazil are celebrating today as the majority of judges in the Supreme Court ruled to uphold indigenous land rights in a key case. Indian representatives have called the decision a ‘great victory’.

Judge upholds Indian land rights – case adjourned

Yesterday in a packed Supreme Court in Brazil, a key judge voted to uphold the demarcation of the indigenous territory Raposa-Serra do Sol. The case was adjourned at the request of another judge.

Urgent petition launched to support Indians

Indigenous peoples and their supporters in Brazil have launched an urgent petition calling on Brazil’s Supreme Court to uphold the ratification of Raposa-Serra do Sol, an indigenous territory in the Amazon region, northern Brazil. Link to www.makunaimagri